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button Satellite Anomaly Identification and Resolution
US Air Force - Space and Missile Systems Center
buttn Tax and Legislative Auditing and Reporting
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Coopers & Lybrand)
button Predictive Analysis for Extensive Cost Savings
Canadian Pacific Railroad & US Air Force
button Enterprise Wide Knowledge Sharing
Eastman Chemical
button Making Government More Efficient & Accessible
button Improving Operational and Financial Performance
Cytec Industries Inc.
button Complex Configuration, Sales Support & Automated Reports
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley
button Smart Employee Profiling Before International Relocation
International Assignment Profiles
button Credit Risk Analysis Advice and Reporting
Moody’s Risk Management Services, Inc.
button Global Decision Support, Training and Process Control
Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Company
button Interactive Technology, Materials & Process Distribution
Sandia National Laboratories
button Identification of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Agents
US Environmental Protection Agency
button Real-Time Manufacturing Process Control
button Nuclear Weapons Security Classification
US Department of Energy
button Online Computer Systems Configuration and Report Generation
Hewlett Packard
button Troubleshooting & Repair Systems for Complex Equipment
US Postal Service
button Expert Assistance for Unemployment Claim Examiners
EDS & Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation
button Monitoring - Prediction - Repair
Pacific Bell (AT&T California)

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