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Chemical - Food
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button Real-Time Process Control for Food Processing
button Enterprise Wide Knowledge Distribution
Eastman Chemical
button Online Sommelier and Wine Pairing Advisors
MenuVino Inc.
button Optimal Customization of Chemical Products
Cytec Industries Inc.
button Pharmaceutical Clinical Trail Smart Questionnaire
Customized Improvement Strategies
button Optimum Sampling Plan Advisor
button Identification of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Agents
US Environmental Protection Agency
button Optimized Seed Selection
University of Illinois
button Cattle Cross Breeding Recommendations
Wollongbar Agricultural Institute, Australia
button Maximizing Yield
National Peanut Research Laboratory & USDA
button Simulation of Complex Manufacturing
California State University
button Sustainable Food Production
United Nations University
button Asbestos Advisor
button Metal and Alloy Identification
General Electric
button Insecticide Selection
USDA-ARS Plant Science Research Laboratory
button Emergency Toxic Syndrome Preparedness
James Madison University

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