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button Jet Aircraft Diagnostic Systems
Cessna Aircraft Company
button Multi-Mission Satellite Diagnostics
US Air Force - Space and Missile Systems Center
button Improved Business, Decision Support, Training & Process Control
Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Company
button Thermal Analysis of Spacecraft Engineering
Lockheed Martin Engineering for NASA
button Oil Analysis for Predictive Maintenance
US Air Force
button Online Customized Computer System Configuration
Hewlett Packard
button Aircraft Materials and Process Pre-Design Assistance
Rockwell International
button Visual Troubleshooting and Repair of Complex Equipment
US Postal Service
button Power Outage Prevention
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
button In-the-Field Procedural Assistance
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
button Network System Monitoring, Repair and Prediction
Pacific Bell (AT&T California)
button Restoration of Shipboard Power Systems During Battle
US Navy
button Machine Vision System Diagnostics
MicroDimensions, Inc.
button Component Selection System Utilizes Static Inventory
Applied Controls Inc.
button Control Panel Layout & Design
An Engineering Company

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