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Manufacturing - Quality Control
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button Real Time Process Control for Food Manufacturing
button Enterprise Wide Knowledge Capture & Dissemination
Eastman Chemical
button Improved Business, Decision Support, Training & Process Control
Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Company
button Captured Specialized Manufacturing Knowledge
Ford Motor Company
button Optimized Sampling Quality Control
button Jet Aircraft Diagnostics
Cessna Aircraft Company
button Improved Operations and Financial Performance
Cytec Industries Inc.
button Simulation of Complex, Flexible Manufacturing
California State University
button Manufacturing Configuration and Sales Support
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley
button Material and Process Pre-Design Support
Rockwell International
button Network System Monitoring, Repair and Prediction
Pacific Bell (AT&T California)
button Selecting Welding Procedures and Tests
An Engineering Company
button Online Product Configuration and Pricing
Hewlett Packard
button Corrosion Damage Diagnostics
Ontario Hydro Technologies
button Control Panel Layout & Design
An Engineering Company
button Online Compliance Advisors

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