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button Subscription Based Customer Support for Aircraft Owners
Cessna Aircraft Company
buttton Online Wine Recommendation Advisors
MenuVino Inc.
button Automated Interviews for Clinical Trial Protocols
Customized Improvement Strategies
button Government Online Safety Advice
button Online Computer Systems Configuration for Customers
Hewlett Packard
button Interactive Customized Product Formulation
Cytec Industries Inc.
button Smart Questionnaires for Materials and Processes
Sandia National Laboratories
button Intelligent Crisis Intervention Counseling Agents
Institute for Information & Infrastructure Assurance, JMU
button I-9 Requirements and Verification for Businesses
Department of Labor - Small Business Administration
button Online Sales Support Configures Static Inventory
Applied Controls Inc.
button Fast Identification of Life-Threatening Agents
US Environmental Protection Agency
button Farm Crop Management Support
button Assistance for Unemployment Department Staff
Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Service Centers
button Employee Pension Fund Advice
button Environmental Compliance Systems for Businesses
Argonne National Laboratory

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