Exsys Expert System Case Studies

Title Author
Agroforestry Design and Planning United Nations University
Aircraft Material and Process Design Rockwell International
Oil Analysis for Predictive Maintenance Canadian Pacific Railroad & US Air Force
High Mountain Syndrome Diagnosis Kaohsiung Medical University
Environmental Compliance Systems Argonne National Laboratory
Pediatric Auditory Diagnostics Vanderbilt University
Optimized Seed Selection University of Illinois
Individual Development Plan Advisor Human Technology, Inc.
Cattle Cross Breeding System Woolangbar Agricultural Institute, Australia
Handling of Patient Medical Information Cedar-Sinai
Jet Aircraft Diagnostics Cessna Aircraft Corporation
Class Selection Guidance Advisor California State University
Clinical Advice for Tendon Injuries NJ Univ of Medicine and Dentistry
Commercial Loan Analysis Micro Support, Inc.
Wine Selection Advisor MenuVino Inc.
Simulation of a Complex Manufacturing System California State University
Reinforced Concrete Diagnosis Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Forestry Conservation Planning South African Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Construction Equipment Selection Construction Engineering and Management
Construction Method and Labor Cost Diagnostics Construction Contractor
Credit Analysis Advisor and Reporting Moody's Risk Management Services, Inc.
Crisis Intervention Counseling James Madison University
Customized Diagnostic Systems MicroDimensions, Inc.
Public School Disciplinary Action Advisor Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Optimum Sampling Plan Advisor DuPont
Enterprise Distribution of Knowledge Eastman Chemical
Environmental Compliance Support Los Alamos Technical Associates
Environmental Compliance Planning California State Water Resources Control Board
Identification of Chemical, Biological and Radiological Agents US EPA
Mechanical Equipment and Systems Diagnosis A Global Engineering Company
Maximizing Agricultural Yield Agricultural Research Service
National Fire Code Advisor Dynalytics Corporation
Capturing Specialized Manufacturing Knowledge Ford Motor Company
Forest Quality Analysis University of Georgia School of Forestry
Identification of Common Metals General Electric
OSHA Hazard Compliance OSHA
Diagnosing Heart Diseases by Signal Processing Universiti Teknologi Petronas
Online Computer Configuration Hewlett Packard
Control Panel Layout Design Aid An Engineering Company
Highway Construction Equipment Selection American Assoc of State Highway and Transportation Officials
Work Zone Safety Advisor Federal Highway Administration
I-9 Requirement and Verification System Department of Labor - Small Business Administration
In Vitro Fertilization Cycle Stimulation University of Vienna, Austria
Agricultural Insect Pest Management USDA
Detecting Insider Trading NYSE Euronext (American Stock Exchange)
International Employee Pre-Assignment Profiling International Assignment Profiles
Electronic Legal Assistant for Judges The Georgia Magistrate Court Judges Training Council
Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Selection Sandia National Laboratory
MBA Class Selection Advisor East Carolina University
Decision Support to Improve Business & Process Control Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Company
Field Procedural Assistant Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Satellite Diagnostics US Air Force - Space and Missile Systems Center
Network System Monitoring/Repair/Prediction Pacific Bell (AT&T California)
Materials and Process Characterization Sandia National Laboratories
Regulatory Compliance for TANF Distribution Navajo Nation
Restoration of Shipboard Power Systems During Battle Texas A&M University for the US Navy
Real-time Process Control for Food Processing Nestle
Nuclear Power Station System for Emergency Management Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant - Hong Kong
Nuclear Weapons Security Classification US Department of Energy
Improved Accuracy in Nautical Chart Cartography National Ocean Service
Making Government More Efficient OSHA
Pension Fund Advisor Nestle
Automating Complex Interviews for Clinical Trial Protocols Customized Improvement Strategies
Power Generation Scheduling An Engineering Corporation
Corrosion Damage Diagnostics Ontario Hydro Technologies
Power Plant Outage Prevention Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Improving Operational and Financial Performance Cytec Industries Inc.
Product Selection with Inventory Control Applied Controls Inc.
Configuration of Computer Integrated Manufactured Cells (CIM) Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley
Tree Selection Based on Environmental Conditions Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia
Choosing a Legal Business Structure Small Business Administration
Severe Thunderstorm Prediction National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Thermal Analysis of Spacecraft Lockheed Martin Engineering for NASA
Tax and Legislative Auditing and Reporting PricewaterhouseCoopers (Coopers & Lybrand)
Toxic Syndrome Rapid Diagnosis James Madison University
Expert Assistance System for Examiners Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation
Urodynamic Diagnosis University of Vienna
Troubleshooting and Repair of Complex Equipment US Postal Service
Voice Driven Medical Diagnosis Medical Univ. of South Carolina
Environmental Protection Measures Salix Applied Earthcare
Selecting Welding Procedures and Tests Stone & Webster
Lynx Management in Alaska Alaska Department of Fish and Game