Saving User Input by Clicking on a Button in the Corvid Servlet Runtime

In some systems, it is desirable to allow the end user to answer some questions and quit mid-session, with the ability to return to the same session later. This can be very useful when the system:

This demo will ask a few qustions. At any point you can click the"Save" button, which will save your data and exit the session. When you run the system again, it will ask if they want to continue the previous run, recover your data and continue.

Another approach to the problem is to automatically save all user input after they answer each question. This allows them to just leave the session with no data lost. (Separate "How To" Documents explain how to implement this approach.)


When running the system, any input can be selected. There is no logic associated with the answers, the goal of the demo is only to show how the input can be saved.