CORVID Restaurant Selection Expert System
The following Restaurant Selection system is a small demonstration that displays some of Exsys CORVID's features. CORVID expert systems can advise among a group of possible competing alternatives even if the user's requests may not exactly match any of the possible options. In this case, the system advises on where to go to dinner based on occasion, atmosphere, and food preferences. This system is run using the CORVID Servlet Runtime.

Run this CORVID System to select the best restaurant for dinner in Albuquerque, NM


How It Works:

This CORVID system interacts with you by asking initial questions on the occasion and your food preferences. More focused queries are then made by the system based on information you have already provided. Unnecessary questions are not asked, but when your answer indicates more details are needed in a specific area, the system asks follow-up questions. Based on the data, the system then establishes various factors based on the occasion, such as privacy, noise level, atmosphere, etc. These are combined with the types of food preferred. The system automatically ranks the importance of various factors, such as if the occasion requires for very private discussions, that factor is given more weight than food type. If the occasion is not as critical, the food type is given a greater ranking.

The various rankings are then compared against data on a variety of restaurants that is maintained in a spreadsheet. The various factors are combined to produce an overall ranking of how well each restaurant meets the requirements. No one restaurant may be ideal in all respects, but the ability of CORVID to handle competing requirements allows it to find the "best" choices overall. The top 5 restaurants that best meet the user's requests are displayed, along with specific comments on potential disadvantages the restaurant might present for the occasion (e.g. too noisy, not private, etc.)

All of the decision-making logic is kept separate from the restaurant data which is stored in an easily maintained spreadsheet. Including a new restaurant is as simple as adding it to the spreadsheet. If a restaurant changes its price, menu, or decor, it is also just edited in the spreadsheet.

The ability to select the best overall recommendation among complex and competing factors is a very effective use of expert systems that can be applied to many types of product selection problems.

(This system does not imply any use or endorsement of Exsys CORVID by the restaurants, or any endorsement of the restaurants by EXSYS Inc.)