Designing Systems to Work on Touch Screen Kiosks

A kiosk that will have a touch screen monitor, with no keyboard or mouse accessible to the user, needs to do something special to make it easier for users to answer questions. The user will answer the questions by tapping their finger on the answers to the questions.

The actual Corvid system does not have to do anything special in the logic for simple multiple choice questions, where it is only a matter of asking the quesitons in the proper manner. For a touch screen, questions should be asked with buttons that the user can easily tap on. This can be done with either the "button" control in Corvid or using an image map with "hot spot" regions that emulate buttons. For more complex input, such as text or numbers, the system must emulate a keyboard and have extra logic to process the input.

This sample system shows these 3 methods of input. There are no rules in this system to process the input, it is designed only to show how to build the interface screens. The Corvid system and image files, along with detailed instructions can be downloaded below.

The expert system would be running here but your browser has Java Applets disabled or does not support Java Applets.


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